July 28, 2009

Glamour’s “What To Wear For the Next 6 Months

In their August Issue, Glamour Magazine featured a beautiful spread of things to wear for the next 6 months. I couldn’t resist sharing:


Pair black tights with everything you own

They’re a sleek finishing touch, and they keep even a combo of girly layers, polka dots and lace trim from looking too cupcake-ish. 0709-red-suit-colorful-coat_li


Play off a print with an unexpected piece



On our what-we’re-loving list for fall: grandpa cardigans, brimmed hats, patterned tights. Pick them in rich autumn colors like plum, teal and cocoa.


This fall try something dramatic—yes, even a cape!

Memorize: “With every outfit I put on, I will add one little-bit-different item”—could be boots with shorts, or a top with 0709-booties-hat_lipoufy sleeves.


Combine a white shirt with something waist-cinching0709-white-shirt-pencil-skirt_li


Re-think the white shirt.

Goofproof stylist trick: Tuck a bigger, billowier white top into a curve-hugging pencil skirt. VoilĂ , major fashion statement.




Do the slim pants/bigger top thing0709-slim-pants-bigger-top_li

Cozy up in a sweater coat.

A coat or sweater that hits around the knee makes a comfy new silhouette for work or the weekend.


Hope you enjoyed!!!  Will you be wearing any of these trends?? 

See the original slide show here for more details about the clothes!


Original Source: http://www.glamour.com/fashion/2009/07/what-to-wear-for-the-next-6-months#slide=1

What is your go-to backup outfit?

This morning I woke up 20 minutes later than I normally do. It left me with about 15 minutes to get ready. Eeek! So, I slapped on the bare minimum of makeup and put on a headband to tame my crazy hair. Then ran to my closet for clothes.

Now usually, I got through at least 2 outfits before I finally settle on one to wear. But today, I didn't have that luxury. So, I chose my trusty standby outfit. A jersey dress with a cardigan and heels.

Viola! I was out the door on time and still managed to look pulled together. I always wear a jersey dress when I'm rushed,, when I run a quick errand, or any other such incident. It is my go-to item! I have many in different colors and styles, but regardless, it’s always my safest choice when I'm in a bind.

What is your go to item? Do you have a backup plan when panic strikes?

Is it in your closet?
Could it be in your bathroom?

Let me know!!

July 27, 2009

What is Your Mortifying Beauty Product?

Last month, we talked about the one beauty product we couldn't live without. But is there a product that you use that you would be horrified if anyone found out you used it? Some beauty trick that everyone always compliments you on and you tell them its natural, when really its something only you well ever know? Well I know I do.

I use Nivea Good-bye Cellulite Gel-Cream. I think that it makes my stomach smoother, my thighs a little less jiggly, and my butt look a little rounder. Now whether this is actually true or not, I'll never know. And I don't really care too. I am perfectly happy thinking that this little gel cream does all of this. I feel better about myself in my clothes or bathing suit knowing I've used it.

Now I've just admitted something big here. The truth is if someone just found it in my bathroom, I would be horrified. I would blame that someone left it there or some outlandish excuse. Because frankly, a lot of people probably think this product is stupid. I did before I started to use it. And I don't want to be made fun of about my beauty products and no one really has or need to know.

So my question is do you use a product or beauty trick that you would be completely and utterly embarrased if someone found out? I told mine, what's yours?

Good Bye Cellulite Gel Cream Photo: http://www.nivea.com/products/show/424

July 25, 2009

No Buy July Update

Well No Buy July is quickly coming to an end. Here’s and update. It hasn’t been the easiest but I’ve been getting through it. Sure there has been plenty of temptation but I’ve done really well and resisted. That is until last Saturday. I had a terrible morning at the car repair place and then headed to Target to pick some last minute things before my friend came to town. This was my first mistake. My thought was, “well, I’ve had such a bad morning I’ll just buy one little pick-me-up.” Yes, even during No Buy July.

Well the little one thing turned into a dress, a pair of heels, and a new bathing suit. OK, and a necklace and bracelet set. *Sigh* I admit I was sorely disappointed in myself that I couldn’t resist. Now, everything I bought was terribly cute, deeply on sale, and has already been worn and paid for itself. But this still doesn’t excuse the fact that I bought something. This incident and all the temptations through out the month have made me realize how much I just buy without thinking. Or how much I buy when I feel sorry myself and other situations.

Am I the only like this? Do you buy things when you are down? Thanks for reading my big confession! Only a few more days left, I plan to be stronger the rest of the time but stay tuned!

Target Picure: http://www.flickr.com/photos/randy394/3069860148/

July 23, 2009

Bump-its: at the height of the sensation!

Are you flat? Is your hair? Do you need a boost?

I’m sure you’ve heard of the newest “as seen on TV” sensation: Bump-its. I happen to be one of those people that have heard about something, gets involved, then it BLOWS up and bumpits imageeveryone does it. Example: Twitter. I signed up right before the media became so fascinated. Anyway, that’s what happened with bump-its. I happened to see the commercial and was fascinated. I have always had trouble teasing and making the pretty high hair. So this is the perfect product right? After all it promises that: “Bumpits Hair Inserts are self-gripping, gives you instant volume, and lets you enjoy feeling confident and beautiful, you’ll look like you just stepped out of a professional salon!!” (homepage)

Its three easy steps:

View bumpit blog

bumpit photoIt really is pretty easy. It takes me longer than it probably should but they definitely work very well! The minis are perfect for the bang bump! I wasn’t brave enough to try the Hollywood bump but the regular size is fantastic. It wasn’t a too too high that someone would notice. You couldn’t even tell I had it in! Or at least I don't think you could. Can you tell?

Now, its everywhere. My friend called me to tell me she had seen them in Walgreens, and the other day I saw them in Wal-Mart. You know when it reaches Wal-Mart, its a sensation!

I think it was a wise investment for me, but would it be for you? Do you have the “bump” down with out help? Would you buy it? Tell me please!

bumpit photos [www.bumpits.com]

July 21, 2009

How has your style evolved over the years?

I was getting dressed for work yesterday, pulled out various outfits, making various combinations, ran out of time, threw one on, and walked out the door. Later, I caught my reflection in a window and was pleasantly shocked. I looked nice and pulled together with very minimum effort. This got me to thinking. My closet has become filled with such great pieces, some I never would have bought a few years ago.

Now, I'm only 23 so I still have very far to go in my "fashion" life, but I feel like I've come so far already. Just 2 years ago I was in the middle of college, wearing t-shirts and shorts to class, sometimes trying harder with a dress or cute top now and then. But even still, within the last year, I've put more timeless pieces in my wardrobe. Now when I purchase I don't think, "I'll wear this to this certain event." But think, "Ok, how many times am I going to wear this? Where exactly am I going to wear this?" My clothes are much more versatile than just for work, just for play,or just for night. The blouse I wore Saturday for lunch with a friend, I rewore on Monday for work. The sheer coral blouse worked with blue jean shorts AND dress black pants. It's just a change from how trendy all my clothes used to be and I love it. Now I mix and match the classics with trendy. And to me, these looks work so much better.

My style has evolved to a more classic, easy to wear, versatile and chic wardrobe. Hopefully, it will keep evolving into better and better pieces in the next few years.

What about you? How has your style evolved? Do you still have the same choices? Or do you mix it up your old stuff with your new?

Stay Tuned for more NO BUY JULY!
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July 16, 2009

No Buy July update!

So we've made it half way through the month! Yay! I am happy to say that i haven't purchased ANY of the banned items. Now the temptation has been there, but that's never going to go away. I must confess, it is quite easy to not buy anything if you don't go to stores. So basically I have been avoiding all stores with the banned items or at least avoiding those departments. Online "shopping" has been a little bit harder, its just so easy to fill up a "cart" and buy with a click of a button. Luckily, nothing has been ordered!

But damn those stupid racks by the checkout counters at major stores!

I was in Wal-Mart grabbing a few groceries, waiting in line to check out when I spotted the Burt’s Bees lip balm! *heavenly song* I’m addicted to this stuff! Its a must in my bedtime routine and always in my purse! Well, my last tube was chewed up by my dog. I was not a happy owner. GRR! So I grabbed for a new yellow tube and put it on the counter. Last minute impulse buy! *beep beep* the alarm went off in my head and I put it right back! I have other lip balms that work just as well and don't need another one for a price of $2.87. Temptation resisted again.

Are you a impulse buyer? What can’t you resist?

Stay tuned for more No Buy July!
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July 14, 2009

No Buy July: Organizing More Stuff.

So we've talked about organizing clothes in the closet, but what about everything else? Like jewelry, makeup, and hair/beauty products?

How do you organize your stuff? Is it organized at all? Mine is about 1/2 and 1/2. Its more of an organized mess, because I still know exactly where everything else is whether YOU can find it or not.

Here's a few tips on how my stuff is "organized"

1) I use my jewelry as wall decoration.

I hang my necklaces on decorative hooks of different sizes and at different heights. This allows me to see what necklaces I have. The wall hooks vary in size too, the big necklaces go on big hooks (the one with the picture frames in it); the medium on medium hooks, and my delicate necklaces on basically key holder hooks.

My bracelets hang on a thread rack! Yes, a sewing thread rack. I painted mine to match my bathroom and viola! Perfect for all the simple bracelets, charm bracelets, and the big bangles! I even store some of my sunglasses at the bottom!

This is the best way that I've found to keep my jewelry from being forgotten about. Bonus: It all doubles as wall decor!

2) I store my makeup brushes, eyeliners, and mascaras on my counter.

I have my makeup "tools" on my counter in a sugar mold. I know you ask, what is a sugar mold? Well, these are sugar molds:

They come with varying hole amounts, 2,4,6,8,12, etc. I got mine at Canton Trade Days but you can also order them on ebay! I bought a four hole sugar mold, cleaned it out, painted it and put in all my tools.

It gives me easy access to any thing I need, sitting out of the way on the counter. Bonus: Makes a cute counter decoration!

3) I put odd 'n' ends in cute containers to display.

I've put lotion, self-tanner, deodorant, face wash, and more in a plastic round bowl, like this:

Everything fits nicely and is easily seen. Bonus: Keeps everything off the counter in a fun way!

I also use empty candle jars to store q-tips, cotton balls, hair bands, lip gloss, and more. Sometimes, candles come in the prettiest jars, so instead of throwing them away, clean them out and fill them with something! Bonus: everything is easy peasy to access!!

As you can see, everything in my bathroom basically serves dual purpose of "decoration" and "storage". That's how I organize my stuff. No Buying of beauty products or jewelry required!

How do you organize yours? Do you even try? Do you even care?

Stay tuned for more No Buy July!

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Picture Sources:

July 13, 2009

Exciting Blog News!

A few weeks ago on Shine (from yahoo), a small little star advertised "Shine Beauty Panel."

"Shine is looking for 20 users to be a part of our Beauty Advisory panel! As a Shine Beauty Guru, you'll test products before they're on the market, write reviews, and have access to top industry experts. You'll also influence millions by providing input on the hottest beauty trends of today and get featured in our Fashion + Beauty Channel."

All you had to do was write a short post about the beauty product you couldn't live without!
Pshaw! Easy stuff! So I wrote a short little post about black eyeliner! Deadline for entries was July 5th! On the 10th, they annnounced the winners (20 out of 50 entries were chosen)!
Drumroll!!!! Bbbrrrrr:
Tada! I was chosen to be a "Shine Beauty Guru!"
This is such a great opportunity to expand the blog to more readers and to give you more insightful information on products and more! Just HAD to share!
Stay Tuned!
picture from: Shine (from yahoo)

July 8, 2009

TREND ALERT: Lace Tights

This week is Fall Couture Week in Paris. Oscar De La Renta, Christian LaCroix, Calvin Klein, Chanel, Christian Dior, Givenchy, and more presented their collections of exquisite clothes. No of which I can afford and none of which I would wear because I don't have an couture parties on my calendar this year, or probably ever. BUT It sure is fun too look through the pictures!

While glancing through Karl Lagerfeld's collection for Chanel, I noticed one major theme: black LACE TIGHTS! In a collection of 65 looks, twenty nine..yes 29 of them included lace tights. That's over 40%. If thats not the start of a new fall trend, I don't know what is.

So, tights are back in for the fall, especially lace! I happen to have kept a pair of lace leggings (it was a phase!) and now it'll be perfect for fall! I picked mine up at walmart, but Forever21 has some great options like this and this!
Are you gonna rush and get lace tights? Do you wear tights or prefer to have bare legs, even in fall/winter?
Photos from:

July 6, 2009

Buying Dilemma

Ok, Day 6 of No Buy July. On a scale of 1 to 10 I'd say I'm at about a 7.5. I managed to go to Target and NOT even go near the clothes, shoes, or beauty aisles the other day! But on the 4th I ran into my first question of whether or not to buy. I was shaving my legs, ( a must for a day in shorts) and ran out of shaving cream! eek! i shook the bottle just to see if I could loosen any last foam to no avail. Donezo!! Luckily, I had enough to finish, but what about in a few days? What was I gonna do?

A) I could shave with just water, I've done it before. It just dries out my legs and doesn't get a close shave.
B) I could use bar soap and water, but same result as with just water. No good!
C) I could use my hair conditioner, I've done it once before as a trial, it worked ok.
D) I could go buy another bottle of shaving gel and have gloriously smooth legs!

But is shave gel considered a necessity? Do I consider it a necessity? Can I do without it?

Well, I weighed my options and chose to go with option C. Shaving gel for me is NOT a necessity. Yes, I absolutely prefer it, but I can do without it . Since I have some extra conditioner from last time. ( I switched to more of a mask, and had 1/4 of a bottle left of conditioner), I'll use it. Its good moisturizing conditioner and if it worked for my head, it should work for my legs.

One buying urge shot down!

Would you have chosen the same way? What would YOU have done?

Keep up with me on my journey, here!
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photo courtesy of: http://www.flickr.com/photos/pikespice/2815267725/

July 4, 2009

No Buy July Tip!

Tip of the day:

Go through your closet!! Now, I don't mean you have to get rid of stuff at all. Just look through it, and if you have time organize it. IF you do organize it, start small with one "category" at a time, like just dresses. I try to keep my dresses organized by strapless, casual, going out, work, dressy. Just looking through your closet, you'll be suprised 1) at how much stuff you really do have and 2) by items that you forgot about. And there's no better thought than, "I forgot about this! Its so cute, I need to wear it." Because its like the same feeling you get when you buy it. I have a few friends that have clothes in there closet with the TAG still on them. If you have some, take the items out and "analyze" them. What made you buy them in the first place? Was it an impulse buy? Do you even like it? If you do like it, take the tag off. Just works better, less buyer's remorse. If you don't like it and still have the reciept, take it back and buy something you do like. If you don't have the reciept, see if you can't work it into your wardrobe somehow. If you absoluetly can't, see if a friend would like it. Maybe even as a gift? Btw: that is NOT regifting. Anyway, I'm off to look through MY closet. Good Luck!


Stay tuned for more No Buy July!

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July 2, 2009

Taylor Swift on the Cover of Glamour, August 2009

Ok, I love Taylor Swift and I love looking at cover shoot photos. Add them together and you get this delightful bunch of pictures of Ms. Swift gracing the cover of Glamour's August 2009 Issue:
The issue's theme is "The Best Jeans for your Body" and its great to see how they've put Taylor in all these adorable outfits!
Also some great ideas to dress up your jeans!

July 1, 2009

Confession Time: Online Shopping

Confessional: Just because I’m a "little" tired of shopping doesn't mean that my fingers don't want to do the clicking on store websites. A few days ago (in June) my happy little digits wandered right over to Victoria Secret's website. I mean Come On, they are having the semi-annual sale, how hard to resist is that!!! I thought, "I could use a new bra."

And next thing you know, I have over $200 worth of items in my shopping cart. A new bathing suit, a new robe or two, yoga pants, a t-shirt and a bra, of course. My jaw dropped. Small thoughts like, "Oh, one more thing won't hurt." makes it all add up very quickly. And sadly, I was staring at the screen thinking, "Well I really can't get rid of this or that cause I need it."

Luckily the phone rang and became a good distraction. When I came back, I didn't hesitate; I hit that X button as fast as I could! So as you can see, I had fooled myself into thinking that "just a few new things" wouldn’t hurt me that much. In truth, I have enough VS stuff; I don’t need another single thing!!

Have you ever fooled yourself like this? Do you shop online? If you do, do you let your fingers wander wildly and buy anyway??

Stay tuned for more confessions and tips with No Buy July!

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