July 4, 2009

No Buy July Tip!

Tip of the day:

Go through your closet!! Now, I don't mean you have to get rid of stuff at all. Just look through it, and if you have time organize it. IF you do organize it, start small with one "category" at a time, like just dresses. I try to keep my dresses organized by strapless, casual, going out, work, dressy. Just looking through your closet, you'll be suprised 1) at how much stuff you really do have and 2) by items that you forgot about. And there's no better thought than, "I forgot about this! Its so cute, I need to wear it." Because its like the same feeling you get when you buy it. I have a few friends that have clothes in there closet with the TAG still on them. If you have some, take the items out and "analyze" them. What made you buy them in the first place? Was it an impulse buy? Do you even like it? If you do like it, take the tag off. Just works better, less buyer's remorse. If you don't like it and still have the reciept, take it back and buy something you do like. If you don't have the reciept, see if you can't work it into your wardrobe somehow. If you absoluetly can't, see if a friend would like it. Maybe even as a gift? Btw: that is NOT regifting. Anyway, I'm off to look through MY closet. Good Luck!


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