June 30, 2009

New Feature staring July 1st, Are you in?

Tomorrow is the beginning of July, and also the beginning of a new feature. Yay!

During June, I was fortunate enough to be able to go to Chicago for two days. And found the wonderful stores of Forever 21 (Two HUGE ones might I add), H & M (Which is NOT around here and I had to check out all they hype-TOTALLY true), and Nordstrom's Rack. (Designer things, drastically reduced! eek!) Anyway, I had saved but still spent too much. (Who wouldn’t?!?) My closet is full, my wallet is empty, and frankly... *don't faint at what I'm about to tell you*...I'm kind of tired of shopping.

So, I've decided to "shop my closet and beauty supplies" in July. All month long I'll be blogging about my journey of spending NO money on clothes, shoes, accessories, makeup, or any other beauty products. (The only exceptions are essentials i.e. toothpaste etc. But no ultra expensive stuff) I'll be sharing tips about how to revamp an outfit with what you already have, using non-traditional products in your beauty routine, finishing up some old makeup (which we talked about last week), and my struggle with a slight addiction to all things fashion and beauty. I hope you'll read along as I start on my journey and maybe even learn a few things. Maybe you have a few tips? Sharing is always warmly welcomed!

Tune in tomorrow for the 1st day of
No Buy July!

P.S. Oh, why did I have to pick a month with 31 days?

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  1. Your blogs are always so cleverly written, and they make me think and they make me smile. Thanks.


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