July 1, 2009

Confession Time: Online Shopping

Confessional: Just because I’m a "little" tired of shopping doesn't mean that my fingers don't want to do the clicking on store websites. A few days ago (in June) my happy little digits wandered right over to Victoria Secret's website. I mean Come On, they are having the semi-annual sale, how hard to resist is that!!! I thought, "I could use a new bra."

And next thing you know, I have over $200 worth of items in my shopping cart. A new bathing suit, a new robe or two, yoga pants, a t-shirt and a bra, of course. My jaw dropped. Small thoughts like, "Oh, one more thing won't hurt." makes it all add up very quickly. And sadly, I was staring at the screen thinking, "Well I really can't get rid of this or that cause I need it."

Luckily the phone rang and became a good distraction. When I came back, I didn't hesitate; I hit that X button as fast as I could! So as you can see, I had fooled myself into thinking that "just a few new things" wouldn’t hurt me that much. In truth, I have enough VS stuff; I don’t need another single thing!!

Have you ever fooled yourself like this? Do you shop online? If you do, do you let your fingers wander wildly and buy anyway??

Stay tuned for more confessions and tips with No Buy July!

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