June 23, 2009

Random Wonderings About Eye Makeup

Ok so I've been gone a little while, SO SORRY! Everyone needs a vacay now and then. But now back to seriously importmant topics: eye makeup! haha! SO here are some random wonderings:

1) My summer saving grace at the pool, beach, and lake has been waterproof eyeliner!
Unlike any gorgeous celebrity or REALLY lucky normal person, I am one of those people that look like a drowned rat after being submerged in water. So most of the time, I don't wear makeup to whatever water function I am attending. But I hate not too! Memorial Day was a good test run for minimal makeup during a water encounter. I just put on my waterproof eyeliner, a little regular eyeliner on the bottom rim, and a little light powder. Voila! It withstood a good amount of time in the water. The regular eyeliner was just enough smudged to look like i'd lined the undereye! Anyway, it saved me from looking like a drowned rat!! Waterproof eyeliner is a great way to go for when you absolutely have to wear makeup! Its my makeup must have! What's your makeup must have this summer? Do you wear any makeup to swim? Are you one of the "lucky" people after swimming?

2) Do you use all the eyeshadow colors in the palette?
You know when you buy eyeliner, it usually has 2 or 3 colors in the palette, usually you buy it for just one color. Well today, I looked at my makeup drawer and realized that at least 3 of my eyeshadow sets ( I'm addicted to lots of things eyeshadow included) have 2 full colors and then 1 color completely gone. I have buyers guilt that I don't use the other shadows so I keep it with good intentions! So I made a pact to myself that I'm not gonna buy any more eye makeup until I use up the "leftover" colors. We''ll see if it works. What about you? Do you have this problem too? Do usually use up all the eyeshadow and THEN buy more or just use one color so much till its gone, winding up with a bunch of eyeshadow sets?

Enough wonderings, what do you think?

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  1. i found that when i used waterproof eyeliner, it just smudged off as easily as regular eyeliner. Any tips on a better brand??

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