July 14, 2009

No Buy July: Organizing More Stuff.

So we've talked about organizing clothes in the closet, but what about everything else? Like jewelry, makeup, and hair/beauty products?

How do you organize your stuff? Is it organized at all? Mine is about 1/2 and 1/2. Its more of an organized mess, because I still know exactly where everything else is whether YOU can find it or not.

Here's a few tips on how my stuff is "organized"

1) I use my jewelry as wall decoration.

I hang my necklaces on decorative hooks of different sizes and at different heights. This allows me to see what necklaces I have. The wall hooks vary in size too, the big necklaces go on big hooks (the one with the picture frames in it); the medium on medium hooks, and my delicate necklaces on basically key holder hooks.

My bracelets hang on a thread rack! Yes, a sewing thread rack. I painted mine to match my bathroom and viola! Perfect for all the simple bracelets, charm bracelets, and the big bangles! I even store some of my sunglasses at the bottom!

This is the best way that I've found to keep my jewelry from being forgotten about. Bonus: It all doubles as wall decor!

2) I store my makeup brushes, eyeliners, and mascaras on my counter.

I have my makeup "tools" on my counter in a sugar mold. I know you ask, what is a sugar mold? Well, these are sugar molds:

They come with varying hole amounts, 2,4,6,8,12, etc. I got mine at Canton Trade Days but you can also order them on ebay! I bought a four hole sugar mold, cleaned it out, painted it and put in all my tools.

It gives me easy access to any thing I need, sitting out of the way on the counter. Bonus: Makes a cute counter decoration!

3) I put odd 'n' ends in cute containers to display.

I've put lotion, self-tanner, deodorant, face wash, and more in a plastic round bowl, like this:

Everything fits nicely and is easily seen. Bonus: Keeps everything off the counter in a fun way!

I also use empty candle jars to store q-tips, cotton balls, hair bands, lip gloss, and more. Sometimes, candles come in the prettiest jars, so instead of throwing them away, clean them out and fill them with something! Bonus: everything is easy peasy to access!!

As you can see, everything in my bathroom basically serves dual purpose of "decoration" and "storage". That's how I organize my stuff. No Buying of beauty products or jewelry required!

How do you organize yours? Do you even try? Do you even care?

Stay tuned for more No Buy July!

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