July 13, 2009

Exciting Blog News!

A few weeks ago on Shine (from yahoo), a small little star advertised "Shine Beauty Panel."

"Shine is looking for 20 users to be a part of our Beauty Advisory panel! As a Shine Beauty Guru, you'll test products before they're on the market, write reviews, and have access to top industry experts. You'll also influence millions by providing input on the hottest beauty trends of today and get featured in our Fashion + Beauty Channel."

All you had to do was write a short post about the beauty product you couldn't live without!
Pshaw! Easy stuff! So I wrote a short little post about black eyeliner! Deadline for entries was July 5th! On the 10th, they annnounced the winners (20 out of 50 entries were chosen)!
Drumroll!!!! Bbbrrrrr:
Tada! I was chosen to be a "Shine Beauty Guru!"
This is such a great opportunity to expand the blog to more readers and to give you more insightful information on products and more! Just HAD to share!
Stay Tuned!
picture from: Shine (from yahoo)

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