July 8, 2009

TREND ALERT: Lace Tights

This week is Fall Couture Week in Paris. Oscar De La Renta, Christian LaCroix, Calvin Klein, Chanel, Christian Dior, Givenchy, and more presented their collections of exquisite clothes. No of which I can afford and none of which I would wear because I don't have an couture parties on my calendar this year, or probably ever. BUT It sure is fun too look through the pictures!

While glancing through Karl Lagerfeld's collection for Chanel, I noticed one major theme: black LACE TIGHTS! In a collection of 65 looks, twenty nine..yes 29 of them included lace tights. That's over 40%. If thats not the start of a new fall trend, I don't know what is.

So, tights are back in for the fall, especially lace! I happen to have kept a pair of lace leggings (it was a phase!) and now it'll be perfect for fall! I picked mine up at walmart, but Forever21 has some great options like this and this!
Are you gonna rush and get lace tights? Do you wear tights or prefer to have bare legs, even in fall/winter?
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  1. Tights seem too hot--especially in the south, no matter WHAT time of year. Plus, do they run or just develop holes? I dont really like the look anyway.


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