July 25, 2009

No Buy July Update

Well No Buy July is quickly coming to an end. Here’s and update. It hasn’t been the easiest but I’ve been getting through it. Sure there has been plenty of temptation but I’ve done really well and resisted. That is until last Saturday. I had a terrible morning at the car repair place and then headed to Target to pick some last minute things before my friend came to town. This was my first mistake. My thought was, “well, I’ve had such a bad morning I’ll just buy one little pick-me-up.” Yes, even during No Buy July.

Well the little one thing turned into a dress, a pair of heels, and a new bathing suit. OK, and a necklace and bracelet set. *Sigh* I admit I was sorely disappointed in myself that I couldn’t resist. Now, everything I bought was terribly cute, deeply on sale, and has already been worn and paid for itself. But this still doesn’t excuse the fact that I bought something. This incident and all the temptations through out the month have made me realize how much I just buy without thinking. Or how much I buy when I feel sorry myself and other situations.

Am I the only like this? Do you buy things when you are down? Thanks for reading my big confession! Only a few more days left, I plan to be stronger the rest of the time but stay tuned!

Target Picure: http://www.flickr.com/photos/randy394/3069860148/

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