July 28, 2009

What is your go-to backup outfit?

This morning I woke up 20 minutes later than I normally do. It left me with about 15 minutes to get ready. Eeek! So, I slapped on the bare minimum of makeup and put on a headband to tame my crazy hair. Then ran to my closet for clothes.

Now usually, I got through at least 2 outfits before I finally settle on one to wear. But today, I didn't have that luxury. So, I chose my trusty standby outfit. A jersey dress with a cardigan and heels.

Viola! I was out the door on time and still managed to look pulled together. I always wear a jersey dress when I'm rushed,, when I run a quick errand, or any other such incident. It is my go-to item! I have many in different colors and styles, but regardless, it’s always my safest choice when I'm in a bind.

What is your go to item? Do you have a backup plan when panic strikes?

Is it in your closet?
Could it be in your bathroom?

Let me know!!

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