October 14, 2009

Makeup wonderings

I go on tangents a lot, usually because I’ve just had a number of experiences with whatever I’m talking about. Well, today it is about makeup.

  • ULTA is opening soon! ---As you know, we are finally getting an ULTA in Tyler. Yay! I’m patiently waiting for it to open, and drive by every once in a while to check on its progress. (Lame! I know.) It is going to open soon! My prediction is in November, just in time for Holiday shopping! If you want to work there (who wouldn’t want a discount?), apply here!
  • Cleaning out your make up drawer is a fresh new look on your makeup!---I’ve been redecorating my bathroom, which some how means switching around drawers and products. Anyway, this led me to cleaning and moving my makeup drawer. I wear mineral powder makeup, which gets all over and I have more palette eye shadows that break for no reason, all leaving my makeup drawer pretty dirty. So I got out the Lysol and went to cleaning last night. In the process, I cleaned out my makeup, throwing away expired, broken, and empty products! Now my drawer is clean and sparkly. I’m looking forward to putting on my own makeup again after seeing what I actually have. Here’s what it looks like all clean!
  • Nice Customer Service is wonderful! ---So this isn’t so much to do with makeup as customer service, but it started with makeup! I’m am absolute lover of Bare Minerals make up (proud wearer for 1 ½ years! Woo-hoo!) So when I got a coupon in Glamour last month, I went ahead and ordered my base. Well it came yesterday and of course my luck. I was one shade off when I ordered and got a light color than normal. So I called their hotline to see about returns. The automated menu offered to speak to a “Beauty assistant”. My first thought was, “Stupid”, then “Why not?! What could it hurt?” I talked for about 7 minutes to an assistant, regardless of the conversation; she was nice, polite, and very helpful! She definitely helped me in my makeup questions. It is just refreshing to have a positive customer service experience. Just another reason to love my Bare Minerals!

Ok, I’m done with my musings about makeup. What are yours? Are you excited about ULTA??? When was the last time you cleaned/cleaned out your makeup drawer?

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