January 20, 2009

Make-up=Make Beautiful

Hello loves,

Sorry for the long absence! This weekend my bathroom took most of my attention, not leaving a lot of room for anything else. I painted it. Let me tell ya, painting is not glamorous in the least! I had paint on my feet, legs, hands and hair. When I did finally un-paintify (I made it up) myself, I had a great appreciation for my makeup products that made me feel pretty again. So that’s what we will be discussing today, class.

#1 Maybelline Colossal Volum' Express

I have short, stubby eyelashes. But after 2 coats of this mascara, they look long and thick!! Its amazing! I’ve tried many mascaras and this is the most success I’ve had with one-ever! Go maybelline!

#2 Cover Girl Outlast All-Day Lipcolor

I got some of this lip color for Christmas. Makes a great stocking stuffer!! I’m not a huge lipstick wearer. I’ve always been a glossy girl. But as I start to put on my makeup I’ve realized that lipstick makes me look a little more mature, and I like it. I HATE lipstick, though. You have to be so careful not to mess it up or then you have to reapply, and the cycle continues. Well, CG Outlast is the best kind of lipstick for a girl like me. It lasts for at least 8 hours. ( I put in on before bed one night; it was still perfect in the morning) Once you apply the lip color, you let it dry for about 2 minutes. Then, apply the moisturizing topcoat. All you really have to reapply is the topcoat all day. And you definitely don’t have to worry about reapplying color. YAY for CG Outlast Lipcolor! I recommend it for anyone who hates lipstick but wants the color!

#3 Bare Minerals Makeup

This makeup has been around for a few years, but I didn’t start using it until May ’08. Two of my other friends used it and their skin always looked flawless and like they weren’t wearing any makeup. So happy birthday to me, I got some mineral makeup for myself. Now, I don’t think I would wear any other makeup or base. It is super light and doesn’t feel like I have a mask of makeup on. I feel comfortable enough to sleep in it, knowing it won’t cause major breakouts. . I love to “swirl, tap, & buff” my way to a pretty flawless face. It’s a little more expensive than I used to pay for makeup BUT once you get the regular size jar, it lasts forever! I’ve had mine since September and its nowhere near running out. The mineral veil is perfect if you don’t want to put on the whole she-bang, and the warmth, which is basically like blush, is a fantastic bronzer, even on my palest days.
So YAY for Bare escentuals! I recommend it to everyone!

Have a radiant makeup day!

*pictures from www.maybelline.com, www.covergirl.com, www.bareminerals.com
I am in no way affiliated or associated with the companies above. I just like their products.

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