January 14, 2009

Two Things

1. I need some feedback!! Do you like what I'm posting? At the bottom of each post there is a poll that says "What do you think: do, don't" If you like, click do. If you don't, click don't. This will help me realize if what I'm posting is even interesting.

2. Comments: leave me some! You can leave them without revealing your identity and without signing up. So get to it! :)

1 comment:

  1. I'm ailen from argentina. I've just creat an account on myspace 'cause I love fashion, too, and I've always wanted to show my style to other people.I'd love to talk to you by msn, if you like. You seem to be a great person :)I hope to hear from you soon. Ailen


Do you like what I'm posting?