January 13, 2009

Large hassles or Immense Glamour?

I have a love/hate relationship with oversize purses/handbags. I love love love how they look and love to carry them. But, I overstuff them until my shoulder feels like its going to fall off with its weight and hate them for the moment. I have the basics of course: makeup bag, wallet, checkbook, phone, keys, and mini-brush. Then depending on the day/event, I add other items: extra sweater for work (in case its cool), a pair of flats (in case the heels give me blisters), some kind of fruit (in case I run out of time to eat breakfast), camera (in case I see something that I have to remember), mail (inevitably I’ve checked as I’m leaving). My boyfriend has a pure hatred for my large purses. I complain so much that he fires back, “don’t stuff it with so much crap! Or switch to a smaller one!” Yet, if I did switch to a smaller one, where would he put HIS keys, phone and wallet when he can’t/doesn’t want to carry them? We have numerous battles over this subject, and I always say I’ll switch. So Sunday we had lunch with one of my best friends, C. She had the most fabulous new purse! It was a Nicole Lee Croc special Collection (CR7004) from the Fall 08/Winter 09 collection. Hers had yellow, tan, plum and white faux leather and was to die for! I held up my well-worn purse next too it and looked at my b/f, “See hers is smaller, I need one like that.” To which he rebutted by saying it was still too big and went on about stuffing too much in there, which I ignored. The whole point is I think these oversize bags are amazing. They are still hugely popular or designers wouldn’t make them. I’ve found great purses at Target, Aldo, Forever 21, Dillards, and Macy’s that look very similar to couture designs. I have no intention of giving up my oversize addiction any time soon. How about you? Do you prefer small or large purses? Do you hate this trend?
Designer Bags

Versace-Croc Boston Bag

Aldo bags-

*designer purses found on http://www.bluefly.com/
*aldo bags found at http://www.aldoshoes.com/

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