August 3, 2009

2 stores that my town needs!

Tyler, Tx  is only so big, but more and more stores are being built every day.  Well, the stores that I want are NOT being built.  Here are the two stores I think Tyler should have and why:

1) Forever 21

We need a Forever 21.  I’m 23 and feel like I’m outgrowing some of the styles at Wet Seal and Body Central.  But I’m not quite ready to go to the Misses department of Dillard's or Macy’s.  (Tyler has a much older population thus the stores cater to them) Not only does it happen to be my favorite store, Forever 21 offers the perfect balance of the cute trendy fashions and “real world” appropriate clothes.  Ok, so I’m really biased for F21, but Tyler still needs one.

2) Sephora/Ulta

This is technically 2 different stores, but Tyler needs some kind of beauty store.  I happen to love both of these stores because they both offer some of my favorite brands.


Tyler doesn’t have a store where I can buy all my beauty products and can compare  prices all in one stop.  We NEED one!!!


Well I want these stores to come NOW.  I NEED THEM!  Ha-ha, just kidding. Are their any stores that you want in your town?


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