October 20, 2009

Is this trend really worth it? Thigh-high/Over the Knee Boots

thigh high bootsI am patiently waiting for just the right time to wear my boots. And this has me wondering if one of the biggest trends this season is worth the hype—thigh-high boots?

I haven’t bought any, nor do I really plan too, but they sure do look fun to wear! But they also look extremely uncomfortable?!

Obviously they aren’t for eating dinner at the local Chili’s.

1) You have to sit down and those boots don’t look good for sitting

2) People would give you some strange looks.

Tons of celebs have rocked these boots, but it just makes me wonder, if you’re not famous, not in high fashion, and not attending social events 24/7, are these boots really worth the investment?


Yes, they are uber fabulous looking, but I think that I could forego a little uber fab for a season, save some cash, and buy a classic piece in the spring. Plus, I have a little “Pretty Woman” feelings about these boots, and don’t want people to think those same thoughts about me.fcboots_overknee celebs

For me, I’ll wait this trend out. Will you be buying these thigh-high boots? How much are you willing to pay for trends?

P.S. If you search for pictures of them, type in “over the knee boots”, otherwise you won’t get what you are looking for!

[Picture 1]http://www.shefinds.com/buying-guides/shoe-guide/thigh-high-boots/

[Picture 2]http://secondcitystyle.typepad.com/photos/uncategorized/2008/10/06/over_the_knee_boots_jill_stuart.jpg

[Picture 3]http://www.style.com/style/view/52/19/100101952.jpg

[Picture 4]http://org31.zorpia.com/0/630/4034759.39874b.jpg

[Picture 5] http://www.fabcrush.com/wp-content/uploads/2007/12/fcboots_overknee.JPG

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  1. I've always wanted to rock these kind of boots, but you're right: comfort is a factor and not coming off as a street walker is definitely another one! Maybe I'll get adventurous and try them on in the store but that's about it! :)


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