August 22, 2009

Doing the Dye!

Last night I attended a going away dinner for a friend, and for some reason the conversation turned to eyelashes. The girl across from me was a natural blonde and mentioned that her eyelashes are so light that she hates spending 15 min putting on mascara.

Then she said something that made my jaw drop.

She gets her eyelashes dyed. DYED! Maybe I've been living in a dark hole, but I've never heard of it. She said its not that expensive, and that it lasts about 6 weeks.

I have to say I'm definetly intrigued! I hate putting on mascara every day cause I tend to pick it off, leading to no eyelashes which is NO BUENO!

I'm thinking of trying it.

Have you ever heard of dying your eyelashes? Do you dye your eyelashes? What is it like? What do you think?

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