October 13, 2009

The Death of a Heel

It’s a sad dreary day in more ways than one! I live in the South where we are experiencing mass amounts of rain. Every time I look out the window, rain, rain, and rain! Now normally I don't mind the rain because I have an umbrella, rain boots, and/or coat. Today was not one of those days. I didn't expect the sky to open; I expected sprinkles, so I dressed cute in heels, pants, and cardi.

As I went to the grocery store during lunch, I managed to step in a puddle near the door that was mid-calf deep, soaking my heels and the bottom ¼ of my pants. It was literally as if I dunked my feet into a bath. When I got under covering, I had to take off my black patent pumps and pour out the water. Normally, I’m very careful about what shoes I wear when it’s raining so as not to soak them. Today was just a freak accident.

These heels are soaked completely through. In between the lining, padding, everywhere. So I’ve taken them off for now, hoping against hope they will dry out and be ok. But I’m pretty sure they are dead. Too waterlogged to continue!! And this pair is in my top 5 of favorite shoes! *sigh* Hope for the best, but in the mean time I’m going to search for some new ones, just in case!

What happened when your favorite shoes were ruined? Are they replaceable?

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  1. Girl I feel your pain! I bought a pair of patent leather pumps when I went to go see the Lion King play in Times Square. As I was crossing the street the heel got caught in a crack in the pavement and the heel snapped in two! I was devasted because it was the first and only time I wore them!


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