March 15, 2009

Rain Rain…go get cute rain boots!

So last week it was sunny and 80 degrees, Friday it was rainy and 38 degrees. Got to love the changing seasons! Since it was so rainy, let’s pay tribute to the boots that don’t get worn that often but when they do are definitely worth the money!


Ok, first thought: ugly bright yellow rubber, not so anymore my friends many retailers and designers have taken that rubber to a whole new level and made the rain boot not only practical but cute and chic!

From stripes to polka dots to plaid, it makes every girl want rain more often!

Designer Brands like Coach and Burberry have gotten in on the trend too:
Now, if you’re not willing to drop $200 bucks or even $59 bucks on rain boots, check out a few from Target’s selection. That’s where I got my ADORABLE black and white polka dotted ones last year from only $20!!! They have had the polka dot for a few years and even come out with some new designs too.

Here's to rainy days!

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