May 15, 2009

Weekend Wear--Whats your "uniform"?

Ok, its Friday! Time for the weekend, I'm ready to slip out of heels and dress pants and into somthing comfy yet cute! Now we all know that the evening wardrobe for weekend is different for day, so lets stick to daywear. Tomorrow morning, I have errands to run "relatively early." I've been daydreaming about what I'm gonna wear, already. Pathetic, I know. So this got me thinking. I have ALOT of jersey dresses. Why? I don't really wear them to work or wear them "out" I wear them to a casual dinner or a day of running errands, like on a Saturday morning. Now outfits do vary, but most of the time its jersey dresses. They don't wrinkle; they look a lil better than just a screen tee and shorts, and they are SO comfy. I manage to find alot of mine(like these) at forever 21 and believe it or not Wal-mart!

I found this little tiered number from wal-mart and it looks GREAT with a little jacket. Also OP has come to walmart and had the cutest tri-color dresses in BRIGHTS! Like, grey, pink and purple and another with blue, turquoise and lime green (thats the one i managed to snag) SO SO SO adorable and perfect for summer.

Forever 21 also has GREAT choices:

Like this one!! Where's my credit card? Throw on some sunglasses and flipflops and you look effortlessly chic!
They also have some great solid color dresses, when paired with a different color tank look adorable.

So jersey dresses are my weekend uniform? whats yours?

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