January 30, 2009

Idol Style

Did anyone see American Idol on Tuesday? Ok, dumb question, more specifically did anyone notice the fashion choices on Tuesday? *raises hand* I did!! There was a pretty Latina girl who looked super cute, and she could sing too! I don’t remember her name but she had on a great grey tiered dress with a wide yellow belt that she turned the buckle in the back. (What a great idea!) Who wants to actually see some cheesy buckle!!

I wanted this outfit when I saw it! The dress was semi-dressy and the belt made it fun and funky. Her outfit looked super cute, now if she’d just cut those horrid Kim Kardashian-like shaggy bangs, she’d look amazing.

I didn’t manage to find the outfit but I did find a similar option.

A black tiered jersey dress from
Wal-Mart for $14.00.

(I’ve actually bought this dress from walmart.com, and I interested to see how it will actually look on.)

Paired with a wide pink belt from Wet Seal for $10.50.

I’ll keep watching Idol for more style tips, but you keep your eyes and ears open too!

Photos courtesy of: americanidol.com, walmart.com, wetseal.com

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