May 12, 2009

Summer = time for changes!

So in January, I made a New Years Resolution to grow out my overly-dyed hair and continue growing the length of my hair to get it healthy and happy and natural and also not spend so much money on salon visits.

Fast forward 5 months.... My roots have grown out about 5 to 6inches (i have slow growing hair), my natural color is a boring brown, the color is 1/2 brown and 1/2 dirty blonde, my hair is limp and won't hold a hairstyle. Needless to say, I've taken some "GREAT" pictures lately; notice the sarcasm. The only remotely good thing is my hair is much healthier (except the dried out ends).
So now my birthday is in one week and I'm going to a big family function soon, where I haven't seen anyone in about 2 years. So, I've given up, saved up and surrendered to a few things:

1) I've dyed my hair most near my natural color, Its now all even at least.
2) I'm going to a salon and willing to spend money.
3) I'm going to get highlights again; I miss them.
4) I'm going to cut about 7 inches of hair I've worked so long to grow into a lob (long bog)
--like Ashley Olsen's but with Nichole Richie's Bangs too--

I'm absolutely ecstatic about it! It will be a big change, but also a much needed one. Just in time for summer too!
Are you making big changes for summer? If so, what are they? What changes are you to scared to make?

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