May 7, 2009

Katy Perry, what to wear?

Katy Perry will be in concert this next Monday at the House of Blues in Dallas! and guess whose going? Lil' ole me! I'm super excited to see the wacky singer. But I have a HUGE dilemma?!?!


Now we all know that Katy Perry has a very unique sense of style!

Seventeen Magazine has these tips for playing up her style, " To get Katy's old-school glamour, try hitting up your local vintage stores for cute halter tops and pinup-girl-style hot pants.
try a supershort tiered, patterned strapless dress, paired with a solid-colored cardigan.
And Katy is all about bold accessories. Try adding a huge bright belt, fingerless gloves, a big flower in your hair, some cute pins, massive earrings, or even a parasol! Accessories are a great conversation starter, but stick to two or three."

I happen to LOVE her brilliant style! So of course I want to wear a super cute, super funky, super unique "Katy Perryish" look! She wears lots of rompers! (which i have a black satin strapless one; similar to this one)

But also some adorable dresses!

I'm stumped!

What would you recommend? What would you wear?

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  1. What a great post! Didn't know she had such a unique style!


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