November 6, 2009

Winter Weddings...what do you wear?!

So we've talked about winter weddings/bridesmaids dresses, but what about when you are a guest to a winter wedding. What do you wear? Heck I have trouble picking out what to wear to any wedding. This question has come up quite a few times lately, by me and a reader. So, Lets figure it out!

First off, think of dressing this way. If the bride weren't getting married, but just attending the wedding what would she wear? (Applicable if you know her only) Might help you get an idea of the appropriateness. Now, let's break it down

Semi-Casual Wedding
I was faced with this problem last weekend. My friends had one of the most unique/memorable weddings I'll ever attend (She wore a black dress, he wore jeans, it was so them!) Anyway it was a semi-casual day and I had a super super hard time deciding what to wear. I didn't want to be too dressy or too casual. And decided that I just couldn't wear flats to a wedding, it’s against my nature. So I ended up with black leggings, a grey/white pinstriped shirtdress slightly pulled over a red belt around my hips and black patent pumps. The leggings made it a little more casual but the shirt dress made it appropriate. If you attend a semi-casual wedding, keep it pretty simple but in your comfort zone.


  • A nice sweater with slacks
  • A shirt dress with flats
  • A loose fitting tee with a fitted skirt
  • A long tunic with leggings or patterned tights

Day/Inside Wedding

All weddings are hard to dress for. Unless you're in the wedding party, cause you're pretty much set. Day/Inside weddings are no exception. I usually consider these among the “something you wear to church" appropriateness. To amp it up just a notch and be totally on trend, pair this outfit with black tights, or a boyfriend blazer. Also belt it. Add one over your cardigan, dress, jacket, or skirt. HOMERUN! (Michelle Obama does this fabulously!) You'll look fashionable without being inappropriately dressed.


  • A dress with a pretty cardigan
  • A pencil skirt with a flowy/ruffly top (one fitted/one voluminous piece work well)
  • A print skirt and nice fitted blazer
  • A broached cardigan/blouse with sharp black pants

Day/Outside Wedding
No one should be having and outside wedding in winter. It's cold! But if you do attend one, wear a cute warm jacket with some great lines. Try some of these options for a dressier approach:

Evening/Cocktail Wedding

Here’s where you can have a little fun! Wear sparkly, statement jewelry! Wear fun shoes! Just make sure you look conservative and put together. You shouldn’t look like you’re headed out for the nearest club. Cover all your parts! Especially in winter, jewel tones and metallic are lovely! Avoid too much black. Though we all know the right LBD can be amazing!


· A perfect Little Black Dress

· A jewel toned cardigan and pencil skirt

· A wide leg black trouser with sparkly top/jacket

· A flowy top with nice skirt suit (again see Michelle Obama for perfecting this look)

Here’s a quick review: To be super trendy add black tights, a belt and/or a boyfriend blazer. Hello chic! Jewelry and shoes are your friends. Wear a simple outfit and dress it up or down by changing your shoes and jewelry. Its not your day, it’s the Bride’s. Never wear too much black or too much white/cream. You don’t want to upstage the bride!! Simple is better sometimes!

And if all else fails, wear your little black dress accessorizing and finishing accordingly to the wedding type.

Good luck dressing for your next wedding!

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