November 7, 2009

Honey, you might wanna change those pants….

I’m a partial homebody!  As much as I love to dress up, the second I get home, the fanciness comes off.  T-shirts and yoga pants are all I’m worried about.  This is good and bad, since it usually means I don’t want to change if I have to run and get something.  And this was my problem the other evening… After getting home from work, I realized that I needed to go pick up a few supplies for a project at the local Hobby Lobby.  I was already changed into “comfy clothes” and 0414-jennifer-love-sweats_faseriously debated not changing.  Sometimes its just not worth it.  But I threw on a pair of jeans, cute flats and left.  Boy, I was glad I did. 

Always, always, always, I run into someone I know.  This time it was my BF’s roommate, his girlfriend and his other friend who I hadn’t seen in a long time.  We spoke and as I walked off, I was thankful I changed and looked more put together!  When I wear comfy clothes, I manage to see people that I want to make an impression on and don’t, ex-boyfriends, long lost friends, old teachers, etc…

Its not like I care what these people say about me when I walk away, its how I feel about myself when I walk away.  I’d rather not feel bad about myself but think, “It was good to see ..”    It would be nice if someone could tell me “You might wanna rethink those pants, shirt or whatever before you walk out that door!” I’m not saying that you have to always  be dressed to the nines.  But you might wanna think about who you might run into and how you’ll feel before you run out the door wearing that hole-y t-shirt and worn out pants……. 

I know I will.

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  1. Good story. Well told. It seems we all have these thoughts irregardless of who we are and our social status.


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