September 8, 2009

Hello to a FAB week!

Hello lovelies! And welcome back from a wonderful long weekend! This week is sure to be super fabulous! Why you ask?

1) Why wouldn't it be?! Every week should be fabulous, you just have to make it so!

2) It's a short week, what could be better than a 4 day work week! Short sweet, just like I like it.

3) I'm working on some VERY VERY exciting new stuff for the blog itself! Its all coming soon, I just have to work out the kinks and bugs. But it will be debuting soon!

4) Friday kicks off the best way to start "fall" (95 degree days in September don't really count)----NYC FASHION WEEK!! Just because I live what seems like a million miles away and probably couldn't get access to a show even if I tried doesn't mean I still can't be super excited! SPRING 2010 here we come! I'll have all the wonderful details for you all this weekend and next week! I'll be looking at every show's pictures I can find and picking out the best look, featuring them for that day!

Now, I know that most people couldn't afford any of this stuff. I couldn't unless I didn't pay my rent for a month or two, which isn't gonna happen. But it never hurts to look and it sure is fun! Plus, these shows will dictate the coming trends for next spring.

With all this fabulous-ness of this week and next, I can hardly keep my excitement contained!

Be prepared, babes!

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