September 9, 2009

feedback is NEEDED!

Ok, serious stuff guys! I told you big changes are coming soon to the blog! But in the process I need your help! I'm picking some colors and design concept changes, and my biggest stumbling block is colors. I have a tendency to stick toward bright pink. Its my favorite color of all time! But I'm this blog isn't just about me. It's about us! So help me out here!
When you think of Fierce Glamour Blog,
What colors do you think of?
Email me:, comment me here, give me a FB reply, or a tweet back! Let me know!!!!

1 comment:

  1. I would like something bright. The heading you have now is ok but I think for me it doesn't stand out enough and could be brighter and bolder. For colors I like pink, yellow, green...well any color just bright! Can't wait to see what the big changes are going to be!


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