September 9, 2009

TCM’S 15 Favorite Fashion Trendsetting Classic Films

TCM's makes a list of its favorite films in a certain category every day. Well, yesterday they chose fashion. YAY! Here is their reason for making this list:

"Film has provided fashion inspiration for audiences and fashion designers alike; costumes not only help create a character, but can spur real-life trends and runway looks. In honor of Fashion Week and the far-reaching influence that film has had on our closets, we present our 15 of our favorite fashion trendsetting movies. " [TCM]

"15 Favorite Fashion Trendsetting Classic Films"

*Pandora's Box * Letty Lyton * It Happened One Night * Pat and Mike * Rear Window *

*Rebel Without A Cause * And God Created Woman... * Auntie Mame * Breakfast at Tiffany's *

*Bonnie and Clyde * The Thomas Crown Affair * Shaft * Annie Hall * Saturday Night Fever*


All of these are the originals! Which makes it even better! My favorites are Breakfast at Tiffany's and Flashdance, but I definetly wanna put these on my Netflix que now!

Do you love some of these films? What are your favorites? Do you have any style moments from these trends?

The original list:

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  1. Great Post-----fashion has been a HUGE part of the movies for me. Thanks!


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