August 27, 2009

Olsen Twins: look like twins again!

They are back to the little blonde bombshells they were a few years ago, when guys cheered when they turned 18. (LAME!--some of my friends actually couldn't wait) Anyway, today the MK and A were spotted at "the Toronto set of MuchOnDemand, the Canuck version of Total Request Live. " (

They looked fantastic! "Both girls sported heavy black liner, but MK favored a matte red lip while Ashley went with a creamy nude pout. A small difference, yes, but one that definitely made it easier to tell them apart now that they’ve both gone back to blonde. Which look do you prefer?"

I have to say I love love love the fact they are both blonde again. I've always been fascinated by them since their Full House days and since we are the same age.

What do you think? Love or hate the Olsen twins?

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