August 28, 2009

Reader Participation and Help!

All readers, listen up, I'm calling out to you for help! Do you have a current fashion or beauty obssession maybe a pair of boots? or a to-die for accessory? Did you snap a photo of someone (even yourself) in the coolest outfit you've seen and you wanna share? Do you have a tip that you think others should try? Something you think everyone should avoid?
Email me with photos, tips, do's, don'ts, obsessions, confessions, and anything else you can think of!

They just might make it into a post! I love getting fashion and beauty advice from friends, and I've been sharing my own tips, now I wanna share yours!

Help me out here guys and send me your stuff! Pictures will be possibly be added to the streetwear galleries on myspace and face book!

*keep it clean though, no dirty stuff!
**If you don't want your face revealed let me know and I'll cover it! ;-D

Thanks, loves! Can't wait to hear from you!

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