May 26, 2009

Things I Want this Week

Ok, so I've been looking through magazines and flippin through webpages and stumbled upon some super cute stuff lately that I want SO BAD! Of course, money is tight for everyone so these are just day dreams. But it sure is fun to dream. Alot of them are dresses because I love them! but we already know that! Here are things I want this week:

The Alyssa Shirt Dress from

I can see many bbqs and pool parties in this dresses future! It comes in turqouise, navy, brown, white and purple. I like the purple. It could be a great transition to fall too!


Chevron striped spaghetti dress from

Ok, I'm over the moon for this dress. It would be perfect for just hanging out with friends, going shopping on the weekend and a multitude of other things. Though its a seems a litle overprice,if i had $ just lying around I would buy this dress IMMEDIATELY! Especially since they are running out fast.


Retro Sailor Swimsuit from

This swimsuit screams PINUP!! I love vintage looking stuff and this is the epitome of it! I can win any sailor's heart in this fancy get swimsuit, oh wait, thats me dreaming again! I went back in time! SO adorable and seems like something Dita Von Teese or Katy Perry might wear to the beach. Steep price, but we're just dreaming anyway.


Jessica Bennett 'Kione' Sandal from Macys

I don't know what in the heck I would wear these with but to me it screams SUMMER! Maybe with the Alyssa Sundress up top! Ah but to dream!!


So those are a few things I want this week. What do you want?

Do you have the money for it? Are you saving? Would you really buy it?

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