April 8, 2009

Maxi Dresses = Maxi Messes

This past weekend, I went out to a restaurant with a live band; the weather was nice enough to sit outside and from the way people were dressed; you would have thought it was summer. Of course to no great surprise, maxi dresses are back! With quite a vengeance, I saw at least 5 different girls with them on. Now before we go any further, let me just state: I don’t like these dresses. So if you disagree with me, feel free to stop reading this post. I think these dresses look like messes for a number of reasons:

1. They make you look short; unless you’re already over 6ft. I’m 5’4” and I’ve tried numerous maxi dresses on only to look in the mirror and feel like I’m 5 again wearing mom’s clothes for dress-up. No thanks, I’d rather look my age.

Look at Hayden Panatierre in the yellow!

2. Most of the time, the patterned ones look like curtains. I’m ok enough on money to not have to resort to taking down Grandma’s curtains to make a dress. If you have the money to buy the ugly maxi, turn and buy a regular cuter dress not these ugly patterns.

Poor Jessica Simpson & Misha Barton! Curtain wearers!

3. They remind me of muu muu’s. The absolute fashion statement of elderly everywhere. Now there is absolutely nothing wrong with muu muu’s. I think they are fine; my grandma wears them. Its just, I wouldn’t want to be compared to her when I’m only 25. Understandably so, right?

These dresses make Miley, Tori, and Rachel all look much older than they really are!

4. Maxi dress are very hippie chic! I did not live in the 60’s or 70’s, I am not a hippie, nor do I want to dress like one. If you did live then, are one now, and dress like one, great for you, I’m sure its all been fun. I would rather live and dress in the decades I’ve grown up in.

Who knew that Eva, Kylie, and Lauren were all hippies deep down?

Now, if you love this trend and can pull it off without looking like some of the above, go for it! Personally, I think this trend needs to stay with the Hollywood crowd, so we can always have good pictures of bad fashion choices. As for me, I will wear my dresses way above my ankles.

P.S. Don’t be surprised if I might look at you funny for wearing a maxi dress.

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