April 13, 2009


Ok, so sometimes I recommend great places to find things in the area; well today is opposite day. Here is a place I DO NOT recommend going, matter of fact, avoid it:
Longview Nails
3407 N. 4th St.
Longview, Tx 75605

Me and my bestie decided to do a little pampering and go get a pedicure Friday. We had lunch and arrived at the nail salon about 1:30. We mentioned we wanted to sit by each other (duh!). So we had to wait about 30 minutes for chairs (ok, not great but oh well) then we were put in the chairs with water and waited another 45mins for someone. They were severely understaffed!! By the time a person got to us, the water was cold and my feet felt like prunes. The service was not quality at all! By the time we left, it was 4:30 (WHOA!! it took forever!).

Bestie had two toes messed up, no drying time, and she also had exfoliant all over her legs which made them ridiculously sticky. I had one toe messed up, no drying time (basically rushed us to pay and leave) and the dots I asked them to do were all smudged.

From bad service to poor time manangement, I recommend avoiding this place. Has anyone else ever been there? Where have you had bad experiences?

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