March 30, 2009

Let’s talk about tan, baby, let’s talk about you and me!

Ok so spring has sprung and summer looms soon…meaning short shorts and bikinis. All in all, its time for skin to be shown in all its glory. I don’t know about anyone else but my legs haven’t really seen the light of day since September. I’ve recently started tanning (in a bed) again. I know I know, skin cancer in a box. But I don’t abuse it, and go about once a week. Thus, I’ll take my risks. Shout out to the girls at Tru Tan, they are always super friendly and always dressed adorable.
Anyway, I’ve tried the Mystic Tan thing and last time I did it (2 years ago) it left me so streaky and orange that I swore never again. So, this weekend my little sister came to stay and she wanted to tan…..well she’s too young and I’m not going to be responsible for her being a tanning bed head too! So, I caved in enough to try a sunless spray tan again, one called Versaspa. We headed to Tru Tan (shout-out!). I tried the Versaspa and whoa! It’s unlike Mystic Tan at all; it’s SO SO much better! Here are a few features:

You get:
• Air blow dry after every treatment
• Completely mist-free application environment
• Guaranteed flawless and even applications
• Guaranteed natural-looking results
• Three health and beauty solutions from which to choose
• Mix and match treatment options
• Mist for full body, just face, or just legs

It literally sprays then dries you. You get out with immediate results and no drying off! I put my clothes right back on with no orange left on them. The tan develops over then next few hours and unlike the Mystic tan, you can shower after Versaspa when you develop to a color you are happy with. I, of course wanted to see how dark I got. The tan is so even; no streaks and no orange areas. My face and hands got pretty dark; but after I washed my face, just enough came off to make the color more natural look. I do wish I had washed my hands sooner than I did cause at the moment they look a little to bronzy. Not orange though! Nothing on me is orange!! It was really amazing and I write this to totally recommend Versaspa sunless tanning!

Versaspa is available at Tru-Tan in Tyler on Troup Highway next to Casa Ole; to find a location near you click here!

I’ll post before and after pictures soon!

Happy Sunless Tanning!

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  1. Great tip to get looking good for summer!


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