March 10, 2009

Don't of the Week-Denim Overload

Ok, today's don't is another pretty simple one: don't overload on denim! It's never flattering and you look much sillier than you even know.

Point 1:
Denim shirt AND denim shorts! Double whammy! And the start of a "Texas Tuxedo" All one color; all unflattering.

Point 2:

Long denim skirt,1/2 denim vest, and other fabric to hold it together. Its a cowgirl who got messed up by a bull and had to stitch her clothes back with little to nothing. Poor woman, POOR bull!

Point 3:
Mixed denim washes. Was she going for equality with the light and the dark? Either way, its confusing.

Point 4:
Watch out someone attacked this man in his mixed denim with a bedazzler!! Crudely designed, avoid "statements" on the back of denim jackets especially!

As you can see, too much denim is not a pretty thing! Don't wear more than one denim piece at a time! It is sensory overload. Mixing denim washes looks like you got dressed in the dark. Tand Matching denim exactly looks like well just a mess. And the whole "make jeans a skirt by adding fabric" well it looks a little tacky! Just avoid it. Wear one denim piece, like jeans or a jacket or a vest and play with accessories and color to have a great outfit. A denim jacket over a flirty dress, or skinny dark jeans with heels always makes a lasting statement.

all pictures courtesy of Glamour Don'tspotting.

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