March 9, 2009

Color Color Color..Everwhere...well, almost!

Hello loves!

COLOR! One of best things about spring and summer is the rainbow of color that comes with the changing from dreary winter blacks and greys to the bright and bold prints, stripes and textures of the Spring/Summer season. Though in some parts of the country tempertures are freezing, it doesn't mean that you have to wait to start celebrating spring colors.

Now you might not wanna break out your lime green sundress quite yet, but start small! Bright colors on nails are HOT for spring.
Yellows, Pinks, Oranges, Purples,Greens, and Blues!
Painting your nails a bright color is a great way to start getting ready. Plus who can't resist candy colored nails! It makes everyone smile. Look for shades like these at your nearest drug store!

Here a few ideas!


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