December 24, 2008

pegged or not?

ok, so while looking through some magazines from the last few months I've noticed a trend...pegged jeans (baggy jeans rolled up to the ankles). A number of celebs have tried this look, but especially Katie Holmes

with heels with today I tried this look for work (1/2 day on a holiday=casual).

I rocked my jeans with some black pointy-toed flats (similar to the one Katie wears in the 1st pic). Keep in mind I live in Texas and so weather permits for this look in December. haha! I just don't know about this one. My ankles felt naked, I've rolled my jeans up before when its raining so they don't get wet but that's totally different than using it as a style. I don't prefer this look. I think its a little un-put-together. And maybe because i'm short I felt it just made me look shorter. So if you're tall, try it out see how it works. What do you think of this trend? Love it, hate it, no opinion?

Merry Christmas, Everyone! Enjoy your holiday!


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