October 6, 2009

The hunt is on for the elusive, PBP!

Hunting season has started, but I'm not looking for any cute furry/feathery animals. What I'm searching for is of the clothing variety ( a MUST-HAVE) but very hard to find. I'm searching for the Perfect Black Pant (PBP).

Does anyone else have this problem? I have 2 pairs right now. One is too long to wear flats with; this drives me insane. The other pair is so loose in the waist that I have to wear a belt but I have to pull them up so high it looks stupid with any belt. Instead, I've been wearing dresses and skirts, but I'm getting tired of shaving my legs every day.

So I'm looking for new black pants that are a reasonable price. I've spent more than I wanted before at The New York and Co. and was completely disappointed when those expensive pants basically fell apart. So I'm not going there again. Anyway, I actually despise this shopping activity because its so hard to find the exact right pair.
Maybe these below will work?
Where do you get your PBP? Do you have this problem?


  1. mine are from Banana Republic, they are the Jackson Stretch Trouser, which work for me b/c I prefer a higher rise. If you don't mind pulling up the too-large pair, then you will probably like these! At $80, they are a pretty good price, I think!

  2. my favorite black pair of pants is from express. they are the editor. i get a 6 short, and it absolutel fits perfect! for 50 bucks great deal.


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