October 8, 2009

As seasons change, I change others things too! Do you?

As seasons change, more than just the weather switches, we all wear to warmer clothes in darker tones and colors, makeup palettes change from dewy skin to a more matte finish, less bronzer more blush, and richer jewel toned eye shadows and nail color.

Well, same goes for my hair. I don’t really plan it but somehow, my hair changes with the seasons. As winter fades to spring/summer, my hair usually gets lighter with highlights, and as summer fades to fall/winter, my hair usually gets darker with the help of my preferred hair dye.

So a few days ago I made my transition to fall/winter with 6WNLight Chocolate Brown/Nonstop Chocolate by Clairol’s Perfect 10. I’ll admit it was darker than I expected, but I’m loving the color and getting more used it. Here’s my transformation:



Do you change hair shades season to season? Or are you a naturalist?

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