October 23, 2009

Bridesmaid dresses that won't go straight to the back of the closet!

This next year, I happen to have a lot of friends that are getting married. Hooray for them! Let’s just hope they don’t turn into Bridezillas! (I’m not saying I might not become one myself some day) *crosses fingers and toes hoping not to be one* Anyway, this means lots of brides will be choosing bridesmaids and more importantly bridesmaids dresses. After my last experience with a David’s Bridal bridesmaid dress I don’t even want to think what other horrors girls could be facing this wedding season (which is practically all year long). So brides listen up and take a look, Stylecaster put together a list of some GREAT options for your maids! Now these are quite a bit out of my price range, but it’s a great place for ideas! PLEASE READ and RETAIN! Happy Wedding-ing!?!

Heather Levine is the Fashion Editor of TheKnot.com, the #1 wedding website. As Fashion Editor, Heather is responsible for producing and styling the fashion and beauty stories most coveted by brides for TheKnot.com and The Knot weddings magazines, as well as acting as host for fashion segments on The Knot TV, the site's 24/7 streaming video channel. As in-house stylist at The Knot, Heather takes care of editorial styling for media and special appearances.

Been a bridesmaid? Then you've definitely heard this line before: "...and the best part? You can totally wear this dress again!" Now, we all know what really happens. There's an unflattering, dusty-rose dress taking up way too much space in your closet. Not anymore! You can--no, you will want to--wear these styles more than once.

Amsale's Jersey Dresses: I'm obsessed with these super-comfortable dresses. They're all about simple sophistication. Plus, they're not nearly as noisy as taffeta! Rock this one-shoulder style at your next black-tie affair with some chunky, layered necklaces. Amsale jersey dress, $310, visit amsale.com for stores.
Photo by Erik Ekroth

Alvina Valenta's LBDs: You can't go wrong with a black, cocktail-style bridesmaid dress. I especially love the trapeze silhouette of this version by Alvina Valenta, but if it feels too shapeless for you, a belt will create the sexy, cinched waistline you crave. Alvina Valenta LBD, $190, visit jlmcouture.com for stores.
Photo by Luke Walker

Vera Wang's Ethereal Dresses: This light pink hue is definitely wedding-worthy, but at first glance, may be a bit too delicate for everyday wear. A pair of gray tights and a sleek leather bomber jacket will add just the right amount of edginess to this sweet dress. Vera Wang ethereal dress, $250, visit verawang.com for stores.
Photo courtesy of Vera Wang

Melissa Sweet's Embellished Dresses: Okay, here's the deal; these sequin-studded gowns are way too much fun to wear only once! I would definitely sport this frock to a cocktail party with black tights and patent-leather stilettos (New Year's, anyone?). A friendly word of advice to brides eyeing this style: it's best for smaller bridal parties--think four girls or less. Melissa Sweet embellished dress, $268, visit melissasweet.com for stores
Photo by Luke Walker

Monique Lhuillier's Bateau-Neck Dresses: I'm addicted to Mad Men, so you can imagine how excited I was when I saw these high-neckline, pencil-skirt dresses hit the bridal scene. Plus--and this is a rare one--after the wedding you can even wear this number to work. Monique Lhuillier bateau-neck dress, $295, visit moniquelhuillier.com for stores.
Photo by Jennifer Davis

Ann Taylor's Scoop-Neck Dress: What I love about a scoop-neck dress like this one is that you can totally wear a regular bra (your well-endowed bridesmaids will worship you for this), and the straps also make it easier to dress up or dress down. My favorite part? The oh-so-practical pockets, of course! Ann Taylor scoop-neck dress, $215, at anntaylor.com.
Photo courtesy of Ann Taylor

There ya go! Some great new options for bridesmaids dresses that you could wear again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again!

For the orignal article and more from Stylecaster visit: http://www.stylecaster.com/news/5902/bridesmaid-dresses-you-really-can-wear-again


  1. We were married in Maryland. My wife designed the dining part with her girlfriend, and the ceremony I designed from the perspective of my Native American, and African heritage removed itself from the frivolous chatter that distracts from the seriousness of ceremony.

    For my wife and I the simplest thing, and the only thing that made sense around the dresses was to get out of the game of finding the right name designers. Madness is caught up in that game. Discussions over one homosexual designer’s dresses over another is too much like cat fights, and does not add to the depth of this commitment the two will walk into as man and wife. We hired a woman to interpret our spirit, our relationship, and the dream we held about us as a couple, and our designer, Tracy Banks, created the dresses and my outfit I had dreamt.

    Developing a relationship, and negotiating with creative people from your community brings the entire wedding ceremony into another plane of existence. As many of the community around participate in the ceremony from food to clothes, to design to the spiritual part the better for a ceremonial send off into matrimony. Sales people by design are not creative forces, and wedding planning is charged with emotions, fire, hope, and creativity is a fundamental element in the whole process before and during the ceremony. My logic follows along the lines of not being limited in a creative process, and the creative process of finding the right dresses, and colors to match the spirit of the bride, and the groom cannot be submitted to the anxiety that typically follows American wedding planning. Anxiety accompanies wedding planning, but it needs less, if any, input from outside creative forces that are personally disconnected from the community you live in.

    My input is to get out of the game of extolling the virtues of constantly being stressed over this part of the planning, and plan to not be a slave to the frivolous name-dropping so popular. Local talent should trump over the over priced dresses with names on them disconnected from the couple, their community, and lives together. Clothes carry the spirits of dreams, and marriages are dreamt into existence! – Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories

  2. I saw this article on Stylecaster too and I loved the one shoulder dress! Being a bride myself, I know how important it is to not have my girls looking crazy! So we all collaborated together on getting their dresses and its worked out great! As a matter of fact, my matron of honor is wearing a one shoulder number (which I will steal from her after! LOL)

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