August 19, 2009

Hair Dilemma!

I'm in a pickle! I got the most adorabe, expensive haircut back in May. I cut off about 5 inches to get a cute "lob--long bob" with bangs. I have terribly missed my long hair but did love my fabulous new haircut. Well fast forward 3 months later, my hair has grown out to a length I'm super happy with, just about in between long and where it

was. But I'm starting to get split ends and worried that its gonna that as it keeps growning its gonna loose its "lob" shape. So I'm gonna get a trim.

Dilemma: My last hair appointment was expensive, it included some coloring too. I don't have that kind of money now and would really prefer to just go to a Mastercuts type place for a quick trim with little cost.

But, I'm afraid that they'll mess up my shape!! So what do I do?

A) Fork over the over $40 for the TRIM that I know will turn out right, but will make my wallet sad?

B) Go to a quick place where I can get out for under $20 and hope the cut goes well?

What would you do?

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  1. Spend the money! I was faced with your delema last Sat. and while I spent under $20, the $40 that I will spend this next Sat to fix the awful mess that is my hair will have set me back $60. Ugh! Plus- you might get a discount for "just a trim' vs. a whole new look. Good Luck!


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