August 18, 2009

Comfy is the way, today.

Today, I appeal to your comfy senses, instead of your fashionista senses. We all have are beautiful dresses, edgy tops, rocker heels and so on…but we also have our comfy clothes. Why? Because you’re not going to wear your 5 inch stilettos and liquid leggings to clean in right! Anyway, everyone has a few t-shirts and bottoms (shorts, sweatpants, yoga pants etc) that you lounge, do chores, or workout in. My absolute favorite and most versatile “do-all” piece is a pair of black Soffe shorts! Here are a couple reasons I love my pair:

They are perfect for a workout. The breathable and stretchy material allows me to move, bend and sweat with out feeling constricted like I would by elastic waistbands and itchy poly-blend materials.

Waking up at the crack of dawn to take my puppy outside, I prefer to look like I didn’t just roll out of bed. So the penguin covered pants or pink camo boxers just won’t work. (With the Soffe shorts it looks like I could have been working out?!)

If someone pops over for a visit unexpectedly, I won’t feel as if I look like a slob. A t-shirt and the Soffe shorts is better than the aforementioned penguin pants.

Also, If I have to run to the local drug or grocery store for 1 item, Soffe shorts are a better choice than any pj bottoms or sweatpants(which I’ve seen many people wear many places. I personally think it looks tacky)

Most of all, I can clean, cook, and lounge and feel completely comfortable, not worrying if I get them really dirty.

The other fantastic thing: $7.99. Who can beat that price?!?!

Soffe shorts are definitely my go-to comfortable clothing.

What about you? Do you wear Soffe shorts? What’s your go-to comfy do all item?

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