March 24, 2009

Don’t of the Week-Overdone Patterns

Patterns are great all year long, and as the spring flowers bloom patterns come in bright pretty colors! Yet, people abuse this lovely trend so violently! Take a look:

1. Floral patterns are great! Just not mixed on top AND bottom with the same pattern. Makes your eyes sore! With big prints, keep it one piece.
2. Stripes and plaid are great patterns. Just not together and in clashing colors.

3. Again, florals are great! But patterns this opposite start looking clownish. If you’re brave enough to mix patterns, keep them in the same color family.
4. Paisley is always cute; but I’m not really sure it works for pants. I have a hard time looking at any florally/paisley pattern on pants much less pants this tight.

I don’t think this outfit is terrible, because she is keeping with the same colors in shades. Though, a solid color with either piece would have been much more flattering. And too tight never ever works on anyone!

The crème de la crème!

EW!!! This is a never ever “who in the world let her buy/wear those?!?” cut them up and use them as a rag DON’T. It looks like she sewed some scarves together to make pants. Scarf like pants will/always will be a don’t!

Patterns are a good thing! Don’t be afraid to wear them; but if you second guess your choice, wear something different. If you’re not comfortable, you think everyone else will noticing your choice too. Patterns are fun, especially for spring! Play with them until you feel right with it. Happy Spring!

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