February 13, 2009


Hey Guys!!

So the blog is going well! I'm posting more and more things and getting some feedback! Keep it up! KLT has been a great contributor. She has sent me numerous pictures of her favorite clothes and accessories. I've been able to feature them in some posts and albums on myspace! So a big shoutout to her! Thanks a million, hun!

I've also been expanding!

I've been putting some of the posts on Shine by Yahoo. <http://www.shine.yahoo.com/> If you type fierceglamour (one word) in the search box it will bring up my stuff.
Fierce Glamour is on Facebook!!! add me! its under the name Michelle Staffer for search purposes!
Fierce Glamour is now on Twitter!! <www.twitter.com/fierceglamour> its a great way to keep updated!

If you are on Facebook or Twitter, add me please!!! =~D

And one last thing, if you have a favorite store (for clothing,accessories, etc) and the store has a website, please send me the link! I've been doing spotlight posts on stores!

Thanks for adding me!

Peace, Love & Fashion
Michelle @ Fierce Glamour

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