January 7, 2009

Helpful for your hair, Fabulous for an accessory

I am constantly waking up in just enough time to get ready for work, but not in enough time to put a good amount of effort into my hair. So usually it’s a little unruly. My best hair friend----headbands. Throw one on and you instantly have an excellent hairdo. I especially love the headbands Blair wears on Gossip Girl. They have inspired me to find some headbands with unique features. My favorites have little bows. I have a lot of trouble finding these though so I’ve taken to attempting to make some. I found a great simple technique. Tie your own super cute small bow on a twist tie (one like you’d find on a loaf of bread). You can actually buy the twist ties themselves, which is what I would recommend that way you don’t have stale bread. You can then tie the bow to anything, bobby pins, clips, and headbands. Whatever you attach it to, try to at least match of course. It’s a great way to save money and getting great style. Take a look at mine from today.


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