January 6, 2009

First Weekend of the New Year...

Hello, all! Hope the first full week of the New Year is going well. This past weekend was Canton First Monday Trade Days. For those who are wondering, “What the crap is that?!?!” Canton is a big “flea market” type gathering the weekend before the first Monday of the month. To read the history, click here. A lot of people set up booths in buildings and outside with any product you can imagine. From expensive antiques to cute boutique clothes to old junk, you can find it at Canton.

Of course my favorites are the boutiques set up in the Arbors and Trade Center buildings on the trade grounds. The boutiques have super
cute jewelry and clothes that I don’t find in any stores around me. Some of my favorites are:

Wild at Heart #4303 building 4000 (Canton)
Uniquely Different Trade Center III

I went this past Sunday and almost all of my favorite booths had GREAT sales for the New Year. Here are some the great finds I’ve gotten from canton over the last year and this past weekend. These accessories and clothes are from some of the links above:

So the next canton weekend is January 29th through February 1st, 2009. Go and find yourself some goodies!


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