September 23, 2009

Shine Beauty Guru Review: Olay Regenerist Anti-Aging Eye Roller

As a Shine Beauty Guru, I get sent products to review. For September, we were sent Olay Regenerist products. I chose the Anti-Aging Eye Roller. Here is my review:

When I think about skincare, wrinkles and fine lines are usually the last thing I consider. I mean I'm 23 and shouldn't have too many wrinkles yet right? So when I picked up the Olay Regenerist Anti-Aging Eye Roller to test as a Shine Beauty Guru, I was really skeptical. But what could it hurt? I mean it does promise that it helps "reduce eye puffiness, but also regenerate skin's appearance to diminish fine lines and wrinkles." [Olay]

So diligently for the past 2 weeks, after washing my face before bed, I used it. The "tool" itself is just a little bigger than my mascara tube. With one click, the cream is gently massaged into the skin. After the recommended 30 seconds on each eye, I was left with cool (the rollers were a little cold!) refreshed, dewy skin.

I didn't notice an instant effects. But my eyes sure did feel good after the initial application! I kept applying and enjoying. One no-makeup day, I glanced in the mirror as I passed by and had to do a double take. I looked close up and was shocked. My eyes didn't look puffy or dark or wrinkly! They really did seem to look rejuvenated. I would have gladly gone out with no makeup on because my face, mainly eyes looked amazing! My only thoughts were, "WOW!"

I am thrilled with the results. Happily, I'll be fighting off wrinkles for years to come with this!

For about $23 a pop, seems like it wouldn't be worth it. But that little tube holds tons more than you would expect! Mine should last me about 2 months. Lasting so long it makes it worth the price. I'll be buying it again!

P.S. I found it at CVS Online for $21.99. Have you used it? What did you think?


Photo Source [Olay Regenerist]

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