September 29, 2009

One-Long Sleeve Dresses, hit or miss or awful?

Last night I was watching Dancing with the Stars, not a normal activity since Gossip Girl is my #1 monday show, and noticed an odd outfit.
And it wasn't on a dancer!!
It was on Samantha Harris, she's the host who interviews the dancers backstage. She had on a one-shoulder long dress, ok, but the other sleeve was down to her wrist. I stared every time she came on just because it looked odd. Then, I remembered Kim Kardashian sported this look in dazzling white at the Emmys a few weeks ago.
The one shoulder dress is kinda cool, but I'm not feeling this long-sleeve one-shoulder trend. Seems odd to they forgot to sew the other one on....
What do you think? Would you wear a dress with one long sleeve?
Credit: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images


  1. I agree--it looks like they forgot a sleeve!

  2. Back in 1994 I got a shirt with one sleeve and it felt really strange. My one arm was cold and the other was hot. It was like being at a science show touching one of those "hot-cold-hot-cold" metal exhibit bars. As for the "look" it's ok I guess, it doesn't really do anything for me. I tried it in the 90's because I was in my early teens and was a little more "daring" back then to try new things.

  3. No I would never wear an outfit like that. If I were a woman I would. It is so damn sexy, and alluring.


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