September 21, 2009

friends share the love!

Fierce Glamour Blog is just me, writing and voicing my opinions about anything fashion and beauty that pops into my head. I do not have sponsors, I do not get paid, I do not do endorsements. If I like a product, I'll recommend it, no funny business. Same goes if I don't like something. Its all just little old me. But that doesn't mean that along the way I haven't made a few friends in the same little world. Some through Shine! on Yahoo, and another through a friend. So let me introduce you:

She takes on a little bit of everything under the sun. Why she would never date Megan Fox if she were a man, wondering if having 19 kids is really responsible, and of course fashion and beauty issues too. Head over and take a read! You won't be sorry.

You Got Pam'd
She is a no-nonsense cookie! She lives in NYC *jealous* and helps find some of the best affordable alternatives to Hollywood's expensive taste! She takes on :FASHION:BARGAINS:SHOPPING:CELEBRITY:TRENDS:TIPS:NEWS. Definitely worth a click, here!

Shrink a Booty
Operation Shrink a Booty is an effort for everyone to get healthy and of course "shrink that booty". The site offers tips and excerises. The facebook offers even more! We, of course, have to keep in shape to look our best in the newest fall fashions. Give it a glance, here!

Remember, these are just shoutouts! Cause a girl's gotta share the love! Take a look, and of course keep coming back to Fierce Glamour Blog. I'd cry my eyes out if you left!

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